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The Dish.... with DRIVER! VIDEO REPLAYS of Holiday cooking with the BEST CHEF Face has ever had!

Please allow 24-48 hours following a class for the video replay to be posted.

Thanksgiving Throwdown Replays!

Thanksgiving Throwdown:  Week 2 – Cornbread Sausage Stuffing/Dressing and Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce!

Please click on the link to download the pdf of the recipes

DISCLAIMER – PLEASE READ:  Our primary video had technical issues and stopped recording after 15 minutes.  Fortunately, we had a backup recording, however because the backup is a screen recording, the quality is different.  BUT!  On a side note, you get a glimpse of Diana’s world on the admin side of things while these are going on.  Please forgive the rather aggressive typing and periodic outbursts of laughter at Driver’s commentary.  🙂

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Thanksgiving Throwdown:  Week 1 – Chex Mix

Please click on the link to download the pdf of the recipes

Thank you for joining us for our first-ever cooking class, The Dish… with DRIVER!  We hope you had a blast, learned a ton, and are ready for your holiday festivities! 

In the event of a technical issue, contact our admin office right away at

admin@faceacademyofmusic.com or 720-397-2535.