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Songwriting Class

Songwriting 1


Cody Qualls is opening his studio up for a group songwriting course to help all young musicians, from newcomers to seasoned songsmiths, become better music creators. Whether you are a budding talent that is considering a career in songwriting or you simply want a “just-for-fun, creative experience” this class is for YOU!

8 week course includes:

  • Basic music theory overview (getting you “in the game” if you’ve never taken music lessons)
Lyric writing development
Chord structure coaching
Song structure instruction (trimming the fat and finding the hooks)
Learning and discussing the ingredients of a “hit” song
Learning what a DAW (digital audio workstation) is and how it can be used to communicate your songwriting ideas to producers and other co-writers)

  • Overview of the business of songwriting and information on registering as a writer with a PRO (performance rights organization).
Overview of basic marketing philosophy/skills benefiting independent writers/artists in the current music industry.

Each member of class will work on writing their own, individual song in our workshops (there will be fun, no pressure and inspiring assignments outside of class). As a note, no student will pressured to create beyond their individual need for time on their own project (no deadline to create a finished product). It will be based around the student’s inspiration in a structured and supportive environment.

At the end of the term, if students would like to have their individual song professionally produced/recorded, Face Academy has an exclusive relationship with former Atlantic recording artist (and longtime go-to producer to Cody Qualls), Justin Long.  Our partnership with Justin allows our students the ability to get a basic recording created for only $197 (if no vocalist is hired for the session, additional $50 for session vocalist). This unheard of pricing saves our students hundreds (potentially thousands) of dollars on their first professional recording. A discount for fully produced songs is also available from Justin and will be quoted appropriately depending on the needs of the writer/artist/student.

Hands on Industry Experience as a “work for hire” songwriter (work time to be donated to Face Academy of Music scholarships for underprivileged families).

Students will also help to write and arrange a collaborative work/song in a “work for hire/(donation)” setting.  This group song will be shopped to a publishing entity for possible placement opportunities.  Any proceeds generated by the student’s songwriting earnings for the recording will be donated toward summer camp scholarships for underprivileged students at Face Academy of Music. This processes allows the course’s students to write music in a real world, “work for hire (work for donation in this case)” setting, have their track professionally produced/recorded and potentially have that song be used to do “real-world good” within our local community.  We know of no other songwriting class in the Rocky Mountain region like it. 


ENROLLING for SUMMER 2020 will begin in May!  Please check back for exact dates and times in May 2020!

NOW OPEN TO TEENS 13+ (mature students only, please)
Tuition: $369
Location: Louisville (address provided upon registration)
Limited enrollment for this offering (class limited to 16 students) 
Dates:  8 Mondays – check back for dates expected to start May 2020
Time:   6:00pm-7:30pm


A 1st place winner of the Great American Song Contest, Cody Qualls is an internationally acclaimed songwriter and creative force behind such hits as Face Vocal Band’s viral smash “The Man Dance”  and the award-winning “How Was the Show Last Night.” He also co-wrote the title track of Face’s album “Big Time,” which broke sales records at Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Currently signed with Consonance Publishing, his 2018 urban/pop/dance release “Back and Forth” is currently featured on Lifetime Fitness’ setlists for several of their most popular dance-fitness offerings in the US. Cody has recorded alongside greats such as Nina Storey, Hazel Miller and legend Eddie Kramer (producer to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Matchbox 20 and Carlos Santana). Kramer quoted the Denver Post, “I love Cody, I love the material, but most of all I love the attitude.” Additionally, Westword Magazine reviews Qualls as “A voice that alternates between a feathery near falsetto and a Bible Belt bellow that’s beefy enough to make Meatloaf drool.” As an instructor of music and arts, Qualls has taught alongside A-list Broadway professionals, label artists, Grammy award winners as well as some of the most sought after vocal coaches in the industry.

The fine print:

The student’s individual works/projects remain the sole property of the students and Face Academy or it’s instructors have no claim to royalties or payments beyond the tuition of the class. One of the goals of the class is to collaborate on a song that will actually exist in an attempt to procure revenue for Face Academy of Music scholarship funds in real music business. Whole Body Singing d/b/a Face Academy of Music retains 100% ownership rights to publishing, master recording and songwriting (music and lyrics) of the collaborative-group work created within this course. The songwriting and publishing rights within the collaborative setting is considered “work for hire” where the students work time will be donated to scholarship funding. Students nor their families of this course have any claim to royalties or payments generated by the master, publishing or songwriting of the collaborative work.  If students choose to participate in this course, guardians will be required to sign a release for the collaborative work only.

Please call with any questions or concerns! 303 397 2535


Additional Songwriter info:

ALL STUDENTS:  Ages 13 and up (mature teenagers only, please) and Adults of all ages!

A note on the age window:  some of the most successful and talented songwriters in the current music industry are very young.  For instance, at national songwriting conventions I have attended, I have seen presenters as speakers as young as 14yrs (who are already working and have publishing deals).  Why do I say this?  Because whether you are 13 or 20 years of age, there is something to be had in this offering for you, and there is something to learn from every member of the class.  In my experience, songwriting is not something that discriminates by age.  Whether you bring youth or years wisdom, you will learn here, and you will be stretched (in a fun, healthy way)!

Younger ages who are interested may inquire directly to cody@faceacademyofmusic.  Students’ individual talents, experience, and situation will be considered in such cases.