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Do You Miss Singing Together?  WE DO!!

And we sure miss you!  This time apart is really giving us a chance to look at things differently, that’s for sure, but one thing that hasn’t changed for us is how much we enjoy singing with you.  That’s the toughest part.  Read on to find out how we are looking to stay connected.

A Message From Cody

Hello Rock Choir Colorado,

 Cody Qualls here, in the same boat as so many of us during this challenging time; at home with limited access to so many of the resources that bring us joy and also sustain our well-being. Tricky stuff! Please know that you are all in our hearts at FAM headquarters (or shall I say, “FAM head-quarantine”) during these incredibly unprecedented moments. 

 Despite all of our challenges, I am excited that our amazing RCC team and I are thrilled to announce a virtual choir that we are calling The Rock Choir Distance-Sing. This is a meant as a super low-pressure, completely fun way to stay in touch with our community. Instructions are below, but please please remember, this is just for fun! Is there already a little voice in your head saying, “Me? My voice? Recorded solo? Not a chance I’m doing that!” If you are telling yourself this, or any other version of that type of critical self-judgement, please know it doesn’t matter if you sing it perfectly or make a hundred mistakes. Our final product will not be professionally mixed or edited, but moreso, this will be a fun video display of our community coming together to create joy and connection through singing the music we love. We want you to be a part of it!

 We miss you. We’re excited to get back in the classroom and sing this music onstage when that time comes. Practice your music when you feel inspired so we are ready to rock upon our celebratory return!


The Rock Choir Distance-Sing Project!

Here’s the general idea:  We are asking for everyone in Rock Choir to sing their part to We Are Family and send it in.  We know that this might feel a little scary, especially if you’ve never recorded yourself before or sung in front of anyone before, but we are asking you to trust us and be a part of this project as a musical community.  We need your voice!  Rest assured, we will not put your recording out there alone, but we do need it to be a part of everyone’s voice and make the choir sound like, well, a choir.  We will then compile all the recordings together to make a recording of all of us in one huge choir singing together!  Trust us!  We won’t make anyone stand out more than anyone else.  We’ll blend everyone as best we can.  Think of it as a statement of community through music in a time of separation.  We would love to make a video of all of us singing together to share with all of Rock Choir Colorado, and maybe beyond.  We’ll see!  

 Right now, this is all one big experiment.  We don’t yet know what quality of files we will get and we don’t know how many we will get either, but if nothing else it is a great exercise in keeping our community connected, so we hope you will participate.  Please click on each module below and follow the instructions.  


If we could get everyone to participate, imagine the sound we could make with our voices coming together during this time!  Thank you for being a part of Rock Choir Colorado.  Let’s make our voices something to celebrate! We can’t wait to hear you all again!  

INSTRUCTIONS - Click Each Section Below

Support The Rock Choir Distance-Sing Project!

Just to be clear, everyone in Rock Choir is invited to participate at no cost.  However, if you are able, and would like to help contribute to our overhead expenses so our staff has the means to continue to have the resources they need to make this all work, we would appreciate it greatly.  A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for sticking with us and for keeping the spirit of FAM alive with music for our community.

Click here to donate to the Rock Choir Distance-Sing Project. Thank you so much for keeping music alive for our community!
A Note About This Project:

Participation in the Rock Choir Distance-Sing Project is totally voluntary, and is our way of keeping connected and keeping the Rock Choir spirit alive!  We hope you will stay with us until we can all be together again.