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FACE Academy of Music has an excellent faculty of highly qualified private instructors offering private voice lessons across Colorado’s Front Range from Louisville to Lone Tree. 

Our strong faculty – which includes FACE members, a Grammy nominee, a major-label artist and teachers who are all active performers – teaches healthy modern vocal technique to kids, teens and adults in styles ranging from musical theatre to pop to hard rock to classical.

We provide a nourishing environment for every singer, where vocalists are encouraged to be and discover who they are as musicians and artists.  

Why have voice lessons?
  • Find and tune your notes more quickly, even when you can’t hear yourself in the crowd
  • Increase your vocal endurance – you’ll be better able to sing a whole rehearsal without feeling vocally tired or feel your voice wearing out
  • Reach higher notes and reach them more easily
  • Sing with more resonance to strengthen the whole choir’s sound
  • Blend with your section and the entire choir better
  • Learn how to shape vowels to get the most power and most professional sound with the least amount of effort


Private Voice Lessons


We offer:

  • Audition preparation of any type.  This includes helping select appropriate material and understanding appropriate conduct at an audition.
  • Ear training.
  • Composition skills and music theory to support both beginner and advanced songwriters (including lyrical composition).
  • Basic piano skills to support music literacy and composition.
  • Basic skills of using a digital audio workstation (home audio recording workspace) to further musical works.  These skills can help take both vocal performance and composition abilities to the next level.
  • In-studio recordings of pieces the student would like have to recorded (singing and recording lesson projects).
  • Occasional use of video recording to help a students witness, understand and break old habits that may not be serving them.
  • Customized artist development services with a major label coach.
  • Weekly stage performance opportunities at our Denver location.
  • Bi-monthly showcases with a live band.