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FAM Studio

Private Instructor Level 1 Agreement

New FAM Instructors

This agreement is between Face Academy of Music and NEW music instructors to FAM Studio.  Please read the agreement carefully, check the acknowledgment box and provide requested information,
and enter your name as a digital signature.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT FOR PRIVATE MUSIC TEACHER: This Independent Contractor Agreement (“Agreement”) is made between the party named below (Referred to as “the Teacher”) and Whole Body Singing LLC dba Face Academy of Music, business mail address of P.O., Box 12700, Denver, Co 80202, E-mail address: admin@faceacademyofmusic.com (Referred to as “The School”). Face Academy of Music desires to retain the teaching of private lessons and classes listed below for the period starting on the established date for as long as there is demand for The Teacher’s services.  Either Face Academy of Music, LLC or the Teacher may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason.

1. Responsibilities of Face Academy of Music.

All lessons at this time will be via Zoom.  Face Academy will provide the Zoom account for the teaching of music lessons. The School will provide the conduit for connecting students to The Teacher and for scheduling student lessons as well as setting and collecting fees from the students.

2. Duties of Teacher 

The Teacher will provide thirty (30) minute, forty-five (45) minute, or sixty (60) minute lessons to students at the School via Zoom. The Teacher agrees to provide the School with a list of days and specific hours the Teacher is available to teach along with their anticipated curriculum for advertising and welcome information for students.

3. Instruments for Instruction

The Teacher shall furnish his/her own instrument(s) as well as other equipment necessary to be able to effectively teach students via online. the School shall not be obligated to reimburse Teacher for any expenses including, but not limited to, purchase and/or repair and maintenance of instruments, etc.  as well as providing computer and internet to be able to connect to the School and the student.

4. Other Engagements

Teacher shall be entitled to make Teacher’s services available to the general public and to have other teaching engagements or employment during the term of this Agreement so long as such other services, employment, or engagement do not interfere or conflict with Teacher’s Performance, Punctuality, or Scheduling of Teacher’s duties under this Agreement, or are an ethical conflict with the School.

5. Compensation

The Teacher agrees to a payment breakdown as follows:

    • One-hour lessons are recommended at a compensation rate of $35.00 per one-hour lesson
    • Instructor may use their discretion to offer shorter lessons; lessons may be broken into the following:
      • 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute lessons
    • Compensation will be $35.00 per one-hour lesson to students.  Any increments less than 60-minutes will be pro-rated accordingly.

The School cannot guarantee a minimum income, hours, or number of students scheduled for lessons with the Teacher. The Teacher shall not receive any payment for time gaps in his/her schedule. Pay increases / Resigning of contract depends on Performance and Student Retention.

6. Independent Contractor

The School and Teacher mutually understand and agree that Teacher shall be and at all times shall act and perform as an independent contractor with authority and right to direct and control specific details of the work performed during each lesson, with Face Academy of Music being interested only in the results obtained. It is the understanding and intention of the parties hereto that no relationship of employer/employee, principle, or agent shall exist between Face Academy of Music and the Teacher.

7. Enrolled Students at Face Academy of Music

It is understood between the parties hereto that Students provided to said Teacher as a result of their relationship with Face Academy of Music, LLC’s marketing efforts are Valuable Assets. It is agreed by the parties that Teacher will not solicit service of private instruction to enrolled students while under contract, nor will compete with Face Academy of Music, LLC for a period of two years as to their students. Doing so would cause financial hardship and said Teacher would indemnify Face Academy of Music, LLC for loss.

8. Tax Responsibility

As a result, the School shall issue to Teacher an IRS Form 1099 (and not an IRS Form W­2) for amounts paid to Teacher by the School. No joint venture, partnership, employment, agency, or other such relationship is intended, accomplished, or embodied by this Agreement. This Agreement does not entitle Teacher to any medical coverage, life insurance, or retirement savings plans, and/or any other benefits provided.

As an independent contractor, Teacher shall be responsible for, and shall indemnify the School and hold the School harmless with respect to, the payment or withholdings of all applicable federal, state, and local taxes, and any payments or withholdings related to unemployment compensation, wage and hour requirements, FICA, FUTA, or other amounts arising in connection with commissions or other amounts paid to Teacher by, the School pursuant to this Agreement, if any, or otherwise in connection with the working relationship between Teacher and the School.

In the event that the Internal Revenue Service, the Colorado Department of Revenue, or any other federal or state agency shall succeed in reclassifying this relationship between the School and Teacher as one of employer/employee, Teacher agrees that, to the fullest extent allowed by law, the School shall be entitled to claim an offset for any payment of self-employment tax, income tax, or other federal or state tax payment made by Teacher during the relevant tax year against any liability for income tax withholding, FICA, FUTA, or any other federal or state tax liability (including penalties and interest) assessed against the School as a result of the reclassification. Teacher further agrees to provide Face Academy of Music with any records or documents that may be required by the Internal Revenue Service, the Colorado Department of Revenue, or any other federal or state agency to entitle the School to such an offset. “Offset” for purposes of this Agreement shall include, but not be limited to, any credits allowable under any applicable Internal Revenue Code o for any tax paid by Teacher, any correction allowable under any aspect of the Internal Revenue Code for any employment taxes paid by the School during the relevant tax year(s), or any claim for refund of any tax paid during the relevant tax year(s) that may arise to the benefit of Teacher as a result of the aforementioned reclassification. Teacher also agrees to reimburse the School for any self-employment tax, income tax, or other federal or state tax payment or other amounts owed by Teacher consistent with Teacher’s status as an independent contractor, but not paid by Teacher during the relevant tax year(s), which, if paid, would have resulted in an offset under this paragraph.


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Thank you for submitting your online Private Instructor Agreement.  We are excited to build this side of our school and are even more excited that you are interested in joining us.