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Fitness & Well Being

with Cody Qualls

Providing personal training, yoga, dance, cardio, and strength conditioning

Seek You with CQ

Fitness & Wellness

Fitness & Well Being
As many of you know, last year I was certified as a personal trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine.  With my professional facility now in place, I am accepting clients in my fully equipped home gym. Previously, I have only trained professionally in group settings such as yoga, dance and boot camp style classes.  I am so “pumped” to work one-on-one with folks (see what I did there, that’s a weight lifting joke).  The CQ Wellness & Fitness Training Center (“the Dojo” as my kids call it) is ready wether you’re wanting to get started in new habits or take your fitness to a brand new level. 
I am also so excited to announce as a public offering, my most purpose filled work to date.  For over twenty years I have been at work on my personal healing and have studied with and been treated by many healers and practitioners (specifically with one of the foremost healers of our time, acupuncturist and dispositional healing Dr. Stuart Bernstein).  While I have worked with many students over the years with dispositional work, I have never offered it directly to the public. In the midst of an ever challenging world where so many people express to me a sense of feeling lost and also confused, it is time to pass these tools on to those who seek them. I am not the guru, but I have some tools to help you, well, Seek You.  CQ 
Fitness & Well Being

Fitness & Wellness/Personal Training

I can help you build a greater overall sense of wellbeing and strengthen your body through personal training.  Just as important, I can help you learn how to retain all the har work you’ve put in.

As a certified personal trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine, I specialize in foundational strength training with an emphasis on functional movement and flexibility. Beyond your physical practice, I provide very accessible nutritional guidance toward meeting your goals and achieving better balance and more well being
My professional programming, tools, and guidance will help you stay on track, reach your goals, and get to a healthier place.
Services available online or in-person. 
  • $90 per 50 minute session
  • 4-pack for $287 (4-pack expires 90 days from purchase)
  • Sessions are available Mondays and Wednesdays between 1pm and 6pm.  Contact our admin office for specific times and to schedule an appointment.
Fitness & Well Being

Well Being & Dispositional Sessions

Fitness & Well Being

Dispositional Sessions

Many of my clients over my years working with my community have come to depend on my guidance and perspective to glean new insights on how to create well being and also, to be able to meet life’s ever present challenges. This is my deepest work.

I have a unique set of tools that I employ to help all my clients/students achieve more availability to their confidence and wholeness mentally, physically and in spirit. 

Services available online or in-person

  • $150/hour
  • Sessions are available Mondays and Wednesdays between 1pm and 6pm.  Contact our admin office for specific times and to schedule an appointment.

Stepping into a healthier, more effortless, and purpose-filled lifestyle

My work lies on the premise that our health and happiness are contingent upon reconnecting with our purpose. This requires that we turn our attention within. Each of us has a unique purpose. But identifying and adhering to this core aspect of our lives has become increasingly difficult as our material driven culture grows ever more intense. Without our purpose at the center of our lives, our days become directed by what lies outside ourselves. The further we stray from our own purpose and nature, the more angry and frustrated we become.

In our sessions I will be facilitating/mentoring/coaching through layers of a learner’s disposition. We develop our dispositions in order to survive. When we feel called to go beyond survival, it is time to return to our original nature and our unique purpose. My role as your coach in this process is crucial, however, progress is contingent upon adhering to a strand that emerges in our work together and that helps reveal your purpose. A focus will be assigned for you until the next time we meet.  

For transformation to occur, you will need to employ these tools outside of our sessions in your daily life. This can be daunting with learners if attention is riveted on the facilitator (me). “Will the coach fix me?” or “Will the facilitator deliver the secret teaching today?” become an obstacle in reconnection with your purpose. The most authentic spiritual teacher, the “guru” so to speak, lives inside ourselves. These are not chat sessions, nor are they psychotherapy sessions.

When we are again connected with our purpose, we are clear about how to proceed, step by step, because our way is no longer misguided by distraction. When we make space for the road to reveal itself, the effortless journey becomes more available.

To help meet these type of common obstacles, I have been passed down a method for helping people distinguish and stay attuned to their purpose. With attention turned inward, boundaries of responsibility clarify, and, best of all, a long-lost way for human beings to connect, a way that makes one’s feelings and emotions more accessible, begins to reawaken. It is these feelings that guide us in making moment-by-moment choices that align with our purpose. In the sessions, you will learn how to employ the essential tools for returning to your full human capacity. 

Fitness & Well Being