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FAMJAM NATION! Online dance, fitness, and just plain FUN with Cody Qualls!

What the heck is FAMJam?  Check out the video below and see!

FAM Jam Nation!

FAMJam with Cody Qualls!

Mondays Evenings 7:00pm-8:00pm MST
Wednesday Mornings – 10:00am-11:00am MDT

Considering joining FAMJam? 

FamJam is an online dance/fitness community with both multiple LIVE classes each week taught via ZOOM and also an incredible online library of dozens of past classes to keep you dancing whenever you want! 

What to expect from your FAMJam experience:
    1. Fun
    2. No pressure
    3. Great stress reliever 
    4. Flexible schedule – can join live or in your time
    5. Can join from wherever you are in the world 
    6. Don’t even have to switch your camera on
    7. Welcoming community 
    8. Improve Your Fitness
    9. Gain confidence so you can have moves to fall back on when at your next family event/wedding/party 
    10. Get moving and SWEAT
    11. For all levels 
    12. Your friends and family can join in from your living room
    13. Lots of people saying it’s their happy place 
    14. Try for FREE
More about class:

Creator and lead instructor for FAMJam, Cody Qualls, is an internationally touring and award winning performer with over 25 years of stage and community building experience. For the first time ever, after many years of requests to teach dance classes, Qualls is opening up a come-one-come-all online course to not only learn some great dance moves, but to also attain the skills to improve and grow your movement vocabulary for the rest of your dance floor days!! This class is a 1 hour offering that includes light stretching/warm up, dance movement (often with new moves every week) and cool down. Come get a quick sweat, learn to groove, and have fun all at the same time.

Available Class Options. 

NOTE 3% online processing fee is added at checkout:

  • MONTHLY:  We recommend signing up for the monthly auto-renew class for a discounted rate over the non-subscription rate!  Sign up once and we’ll take care of the rest until you decide to stop.  Attend one or both classes each week!  Your card will be automatically charged each month so you never have to worry about renewing!  Subscribe now to join this class at the reduced monthly rate of $27.00/month*!

  • 8-WEEK PACKAGE: Our 8-Week Package is a great value!  You can attend one class or both each week!  Our 8-Week Package rate is $69.50*.

  • DROP-IN: If you just want a class or two, sign up as a DROP-IN.  Drop-In rate is $9.00* per one-week class.

* Price does not include 3% online processing fee.

NOTE: Signing up for lessons constitutes a contract between the student and instructor and are non-refundable.  Cancellations or missed lessons are non-refundable. In the event of a technical issue, contact our admin office right away at 720-397-2535. 

Please consider all possible conflicts prior to registering.