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How to Make Sure Our Emails

Don’t Get Sent To

Your Spam, Junk, or Trash Folders

Some tips and things to check on your email settings to Whitelist an email address
We’ve all had it happen…


Someone sends you a very important email and then asks why you haven’t responded.  You swear you never received it, check your inbox… nope, not there, and pass it off as the person never sent it to you after all.  It could be that your email settings are translating the email address into something you don’t need or want, and are sending it to you Spam, Junk, or Delete/Trash folders.
Here are some tips on what to check to make sure you are getting important emails:

Whitelisting is a term used to indicate that an email address is approved by you to be added to your contacts, or that emails from this address are welcomed in your inbox and that you do not want them sent to folders or other places in your email that would prevent you from seeing them.  

There are a multitude of email hosts and providers, and while we cannot show you what to do for every single provider, below are the more common ones and what to do to whitelist our email address.  The simplest method (and is what we will show you below) is to add our email address to your Contacts list.  If your email provider is not listed, you may be able to figure out on your own where to go to whitelist our email address to make sure you are getting the information you need as a participant in our programs.

To add our primary email address to your Contacts for these email providers:







Norton AntiSpam