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“Best Daddy”

Face Academy of Music presents:

Best Daddy Announcement


Video Submission Project

Hi Students and Families of Face Academy of Music,

Exciting news!!  I am writing to you today about a very special project and I want YOU to be the FIRST TO HEAR IT!! 

Something we’ve been working on for well over fifteen years will soon be featured in the brand new book, Girl Dads, which is authored by two incredible female authors that have sold over fifty thousand books together.  The book will feature girl dads such as The Rock, Kobe Bryant, Obama, Alex Rodriguez, Jimmy Fallon, Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, and oddly enough, even yours truly, Cody Qualls of Face Vocal Band! This book addresses the societal shifts around fatherhood, parenting, and masculinity. Today’s girl dads embrace a new model where men are blending their heads and hearts, and where loving kindness and empathy are signs of strength, not weakness. 
I started writing a song in my early twenties that has taken many forms since its inception. In the early spring of 2019, it finally found its final form after a couple of studio sessions with producer and songwriter Joey Barba in L.A.  Some of you may know the song I’m referring to and you may have heard me perform this song at my solo shows, at a Rock Choir Colorado performance, or with Stephen Ross at our “Stephen and Cody” shows.  YOU are the very first people to hear a portion of the final track, Best Daddy, that will be released in early June 2020 for Father’s Day.  Best Daddy is a song dedicated to all families and their connections to those special gents who play a formidable role in their lives; fathers of both girls and boys.  
I hope you enjoy this exclusive short snippet of my new tune, “Best Daddy”, and you can find the link in the information below.  I know I feel like I have the best father in the world and I hope you feel like you have the “Best Daddy,” too. Thanks so much for being a part of this project. It is very special to my heart.
You can check out more on the book here:  www.GirlDadsBook.com
Thank you,

Join us in celebrating Dads:

To commemorate the release of the book, our song, and Father’s Day, we are hoping that you and your families — moms, dads, daughters and sons — will help us with the video for our new song, Best Daddy, which features some of our own FAM students!   Check out this short clip of Best Daddy, and send in one of three, very easy to shoot, types of videos by Monday, May 11, 2020:

1. Send in a current or an older video clip of you hanging out with your dad. This could be you going fishing, hangin’ at the park, driving around, or even just snuggling on the couch with your dog.  ANYTHING that shows your love for your dad.  Feel free to send anything creative, or even very special moments that you’ve saved on your phone over the years!

2. Send in a video of you lip-syncing and/or dancing to the song with your family (include dad). This could be a creative clip of you celebrating your dad, or doing a made up dance with your dad.

3. Send in TikTok-type video ideas. This type of entry is ONLY for folks who know what the social media platform TikTok is. We are considering a “Best Daddy Challenge” to share on TikTok and if you have any ideas, we’d love them!! 
Once you have recorded your video submissions, (aim for between 10-60 seconds per clip), you can submit them at this webpage (click  the link below).   You will be asked to quickly click and approve a short release form so we have your permission to create an amazing video! Minors contributing to this project will need to have their parents or guardians check the approval box for them!! 
Please submit your video by Monday, May 11, 2020.  Click the image below for the digital release form and submission link! [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart” link=”https://faceacademyofmusic.com/bestdaddyrelease” icon_color=”#cc0c8c”]
TIPS for a great video:
1. Make sure your videos are well lit and ideally, the light is coming at you from the front of where you are facing.  Light coming from behind you will not make a good video. Side lighting can work also. If you have doubts and you think the shot looks fine (well lit), it probably is.  Don’t overthink it! 
2.If you are using the audio to chat lip-syncing or dance clips, make sure the audio is turned up loud so we can hear it on the video. This way we can line it up more easily.  
3. Sentimental shots that are from the past are GREAT.  We don’t need everyone dancing or singing in these.  We also need just sweet, fun shots, or shots that have feeling in them. Maybe you have a great video that serves as a memory that you keep on your phone of your dad (or you or your family with your dad).  That’s perfect to submit!!  
Thank you!  We can’t wait to see your videos!
Click the image to digitally sign the release and submit your video!

Thank you for participating in our project with Face Academy of Music!